Does a New Home Need an Inspection?

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When considering purchasing an older home, most people understand the need to have the home inspected by a qualified home inspector.  Older homes can have many issues and problems that can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to fix.  But what about new houses?  There’s no reason to have a new home inspected, right?  I wish I could tell you that all home builders, plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians can be trusted with their work.  It might surprise you what we have come across while inspecting homes around the Chattanooga, Tn.  area.  Here are a few examples of problems that we have found on new or newer home inspections:

  • Improper floor supports underneath the home (or no supports at all)
  • Insufficient insulation in the attic
  • Unattached ductwork to the heating and air unit
  • Electrical panel ungrounded
  • Gutter downspouts allowing water to collect around foundation

You need a professional looking out for you.  Don’t trust the builder walk-through inspection after construction.  Problems found before you purchase the home can be repaired before you move in.  Deficiencies can be repaired before they result in serious damage or serious money.

Whether you’re wanting to buy a new home or an older one,  trust us for your home inspection.  You can have the peace of mind that we’re looking out for you. 





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