What Does A Home Inspection Cost?

Posted on January 20, 2016 in

Home Inspection Cost

Sometimes, people who are looking to buy a home are unaware of the importance of a home inspection or maybe they’re just unsure of the cost.  Home inspections generally fall into the $300-$450 range in the Chattanooga / North Georgia & Northeast Alabama areas, depending on the business and services offered.    You may be wondering why home inspections are somewhat costly.   So let’s look further into this question.

When you purchase your home, you will probably be paying somewhere close to $100,000 & up.  I don’t know about you, but to me that’s a lot of money!!  Whenever I buy a used car, I always look it over carefully and I also take it to my mechanic and have him drive it and look under the hood.  Why?  Because if I’m paying a few thousand dollars for a used car, I want to get the best car possible for my money.  I would hate to spend $10,000 for a car only to get it home and it breakdown because I didn’t know it was in poor condition under the hood.  Is there any difference in buying a house?  It’s much more important because of the amount of money involved in purchasing a home.   More than once we were hired to inspect a beautiful house only to find major problems in the darkness underneath in the crawlspace.

Is It Worth It?

So, is a home inspection worth the cost?  Unless you have a lot of extra money to burn, then I would say yes…. a few hundred dollars investment is worth it when tens of thousands of dollars are at stake.  Wouldn’t you rather have the comfort in knowing that your home is safe and in good condition?

So when you are looking for a home inspector, we’d be honored if you’d call on us.  We do more than just inspect your house like other inspectors.  We’ll perform the inspection as if our family will be moving in.  You’ll receive a complete and thorough inspection at a lower cost than our competitors.  That’s the difference you’ll find with Discovery Home Report.  

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