More Than A Home Inspection

Posted on May 10, 2016 in

The day-to-day work of a home inspector is not always easy.  It’s definitely not always clean either.  And some may think it can be downright boring.  And to tell you the truth, some days it can be boring and dirty.  Cause most days I’m going under an old house, or I’m crawling around in a hot attic.  There are more enjoyable ways to make a living, I know.

But it’s more than just a home inspection for me…it’s more than making a living.  After I’ve crawled under the house or come down from the attic….it’s worth it to be able to tell the home buyer that everything looks right.  It gives us a sense of satisfaction to know that we’ve helped you by either giving you the peace of mind before buying your home, or that we’ve kept you from making a big purchase that has lots of expensive problems to fix.

That’s what makes our company different from the others out there…we aren’t in this to just make a living.  We take our job seriously – when you hire us, we will do the job as if our family is moving into your home.

So it’s more than an inspection; it’s helping our neighbor.  We care about our customers and we’ll treat you like family.  We know you have a choice, and we would be honored to have your business.   Discover the difference with Discovery Home Report.

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