Our Best Compliment Yet!!

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     The home inspection business is competitive, especially here around Chattanooga and North Georgia.  Through the years, we have built lasting trust with our customers and the real estate agents who recommend us.  But as with any business, from time to time we will notice that a real estate agent will occasionally recommend other home inspectors.  There can be many reasons for this, but we have found that some agents are looking for an inspection company that will perform a ‘softer’ inspection (in other words, an inspection that may overlook some defects in the home, so it will sell quickly.)  We certainly believe that there are other quality inspectors in this business, but we are also aware of several questionable inspectors.

Here’s the interesting part.  We have recently received requests to perform home inspections for the personal home purchases of 2 real estate agents.  Interestingly, these 2 agents use other home inspectors for their business dealings, but out of the blue, they have called us for home purchases for them or their families!  One of them told us that their son was a 1st time home buyer, and they wanted the best inspectors to look it over before he purchased it.  We did the very best inspection for these clients, knowing that even if we do not get all the business recommendations from these agents, they had unknowingly given us the best compliment we could’ve received.   So the point of this story is this – if you want the inspectors that real estate agents want for their personal and family homes, then we’d be honored to work for you! 

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