How’s the Air in There

Posted on August 29, 2017 in

You want the best for your family in every way.  You want your kids to grow up in the right neighborhood, send them to the best school, eat the best foods, etc.  You work hard to provide them with everything you can to make sure that they are healthy and safe.

Providing your family with the best air in the house is also essential to keeping your family healthy and safe.  Having the air quality in your home tested could be the difference of your family being healthy or not.

Whether you are living in a house that you’ve bought since it was built, or living in a house/apartment that is “new” to you, there is no way to know what germs or pollutants have “snuck” into crevices without having the air tested.  

Causes for poor air quality

  • If someone has/had smoked in the house/apartment, you want to be sure that none of that nicotine is still lingering around.  This could affect people with asthma or people who already have issues with COPD and bronchitis.
  • People who are prone to allergies of any sort will definitely be affected by any type of molecule from dust, dirt, animals, etc. that is hiding.  Even if they clean clean clean their dwelling, they may never “catch” the pollutant that is flaring up their allergies.
  • The use of chemicals in the house could cause poor air quality.  The chemicals could be from paint, household cleaners, furniture varnishes or cleaners, pest control products, etc.  One may never think about the possible side effects of breathing in too many chemicals; however, after time, those chemicals tend to linger in the air, and after accumulating, could “clog” your clean air, preventing you to be able to breathe the clean air.
  • If there was any kind of wet carpeting or water leaks in the house, it is possible that mold was growing – there are so many crevices in a house/apartment that water can seep into and no one ever realizes that it was there.  Mold can affect the air quality even if you don’t see any signs.
  • Poor or outdated ventilation systems can cause poor air quality.  It is called a ventilation system for a reason.  If it is not pulling out the toxins from the air and letting it outside of the dwelling, then you will never know that you are still breathing in bad air.

You never know what is really floating in the air that you breathe inside your house/apartment. When buying a house or moving into an apartment, if you are prone to breathing issues, it is a good idea to have the air quality tested before you”sign that dotted line”.  Just as you pay attention to your body for other medical reasons, pay attention to your breathing.  If anything seems different at all, get your air tested.  It really wouldn’t be a bad idea to get your air quality tested once a year to make sure that there isn’t anything that has “snuck” into your house.  After all, you do want what is best for your family, right?


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